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Beware of Manufacturer Defect- Case Studies

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 18th, 2010

How a Manufacturing Defect Can Easily Injure Others

Products made by manufacturing companies are everywhere. A manufacturing defect may occur when a manufacturer uses the wrong material, fails to check the product for quality or assembles the parts incorrectly. Even with no flaws in the product design, a manufacturing defect can happen. In this article, we will examine how a manufacturing defect may be the cause of an unfortunate accident through case examples.

Manufacturing Defect in Bic Lighters

Most smokers are familiar with Bic lighters. However, Janice Carter filed a manufacturing defect lawsuit with Bic Pen Corporation. Her son accidentally set fire to his sister’s dress with a Bic lighter. Originally, Janice filed a defective design lawsuit. However, there is speculation that the corporation may also be tried for a manufacturing defect lawsuit, the Southeast Texas Record reports. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that between 1997 and 2000, an estimated 3,000 lighter consumers visited hospital emergency rooms resulting from injuries sustained from malfunctioning lighters. An additional 256 incident reports were filed during the same period, for light malfunctions. Many of these manufacturing-defective lighters resulted in fires erupting and were responsible for three deaths. Bic Lighter designed an ad describing how they plan to correct their problems.

Manufacturing Defect in Diving Wings

Divers depend on products to keep them safe from drowning. A manufacturing company, Poseidon, voluntarily recalled an estimated 300 diving wings due to the product possibly failing as a floatation/buoyancy device. The reason – a manufacturing defect poses a drowning hazard to divers. The company received 15 reports of an inner bladder breaking. Consumers of this manufacturing defect are urged to discontinue using the wing immediately.

Manufacturing Defects in Carpet

Literally, hundreds of thousands of people have carpet installed in their homes. However, Shaw Industries recalled a model of their carpet line due to a manufacturing error. According to the company, the manufacturing defect caused the carpet to become flammable and cause serious burn injuries. Their reason – the carpet was over treated with a soil-resistant application. The defective carpet violated the Flammable Fabrics Act.

Manufacturing Defects in Medication

U.S. Marshals and the Food and Drug Administration seized drugs products due to manufacturing defects. Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd. were forced to cease operations after defects including oversized tablets, and possible formulation errors were found in their products. The FDA immediately halted the company’s operation of drug manufacturing due to poor manufacturing procedures.

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