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Bad Drugs and Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Submitted by jrlaw on Dec 27th, 2011

There are some drugs that should have never been put on the market. There are others that, despite having some very serious side effects, remain on the market with a black box warning. When someone wasn't warned of the effects of potentially deadly drugs, their survivors will sometimes file a lawsuit for wrongful death. The situations that surround these cases are sometimes surprising.


Some antidepressant medications were found to have serious side effects that resulted in them being given a black box warning. These antidepressants are oftentimes found to have increased the risk of suicide in teenagers to whom they are widely prescribed. A new drug has been found to have the same side effects in some circumstances and is now the subject of much potential litigation.

Chantix is a drug that, like some antidepressants, has been linked to episodes of homicidal and suicidal behavior in some of the people who have taken it. This drug is used to help people quit smoking, but is currently under a black box warning itself. The active ingredient is called varenicline and it is a subject of concern among many medical professionals.

Why a Lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit sometimes has punitive damages attached to it, but that's not the entire reason that people sue. When someone dies because of a bad drug, the family is forced to endure the pain and suffering, as well as the financial damages, that go along with that loss. This is why people sue sometimes. It allows them to recover the damages that they've suffered because of lost wages and income, medical expenses and all of the other costs that oftentimes go along with these episodes. Drugs such as Chantix are associated with some of the most painful ways to lose someone imaginable, so the way that the families suffer is sometimes truly disturbing.

If you've lost someone and you believe that a drug they were prescribed was responsible for their death., contact an attorney. Unsafe drugs kill and main thousands of people every year. There's no reason that families should have to pay for the expenses of losing someone while the drug companies rake in billion in profit on the misery of the families their products impact. Contact a defective product attorney to see if they can help you by filing a lawsuit. It's not always an option but, sometimes, it's the best option that families have.