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Abysmal Conditions Close Down Dirty Plastic Surgery Clinic

Submitted by jrlaw on Dec 21st, 2009

A recent ABC News report reminds us that there are cosmetic surgery dangers to be aware of. A Connecticut clinic has been shut down for a variety of appalling health violations and medical negligence.

The plastic surgeon in question was re-packaging and reusing one-time use equipment such as scalpels. Some of the other metal equipment was found to be rusty. Also found in this dirty clinic were mouse droppings, blood and dust on the floors and on medical equipment. In addition, the clinic’s anesthesiologist was found to be acting without a license to practice in the state.
Plastic surgery is big business in the U.S., but patients must not forget that it is still serious surgery and can have dire consequences, especially when procedures are not followed. Even during a recession people are shelling out money for cosmetic procedures. According to an article on the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery, $10.3 billion dollars was spent on cosmetic procedures in 2008 in the United States alone.
The American Society for Plastic Surgery warns patients to be aware and ask questions before electing to have a procedure done at a specific facility. Obvious signs of the facility being dirty or under maintained are a definite sign of a problem. A patient should also ask to see a clinic’s accreditation, board certification and credentials and ensure that they are current. If they cannot or will not produce these documents, it is a good idea to look elsewhere.
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