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What Is Spastic Diplegia?

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 30th, 2009

Cerebral palsy refers to a group of nine different nervous disorders that affects motor control in an individual. Cerebral Palsy, itself, is caused by damage to the brain.

One of the types of cerebral palsy is called spastic diplegia. This type of cerebral palsy was the very first type of cerebral palsy to be discovered in the 1860s by an English doctor. Today, spastic diplegia accounts for the majority of all cerebral palsy cases, according to the neurologychannel. With respect to the name of this condition, spastic refers to the fact that the muscles are rather stiff and cannot move as readily, and diplegia refers to the fact that both sides of the body are subject to this condition.

Living With Cerebral Palsy reports spastic diplegia affects the legs more often than the upper body muscle regions in the face and arms. Further, this condition can range in severity from mild to more serious. Some of the symptoms of spastic diplegia include walking with a stiffer, scissor-like gait.

The cause of spastic diplegia, like other forms of cerebral palsy, is damage to an individual’s brain. f a loved one of yours is suffering from cerebral palsy due to someone else’s negligence, you owe it to yourself and to them to contact us to learn about your legal rights regarding your legal rights in this manner.