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Philips Avalon Fetal Monitors Failed

Submitted by jrlaw on Oct 5th, 2009

The FDA reported numerous complaints of inaccuracies when using the Philips Avalon Fetal Monitors, Models FM20, FM30, FM40, and FM50 with the ultrasound transducer. In Septeber, Philips issued an Important Device Safety Alert. Inaccurate output readings may lead to unnecessary interventions, failure to identify the need for interventions, and failure to identify fetal distress. The complaints most commonly occur during the second stage of labor. Recognizing these conditions and responding appropriately is important to avoiding serious adverse health consequences. This error is being reported during the very crucial second stage of labor and a lack of notice about fetal distress could potentially be the difference between an emergency C-Section that ends with a healthy baby and a baby born with life-altering cerebral palsy. As our medical professionals on staff tell us, it's during this vital time when monitoring is crucial to preventing a prolapsed umbilical cord or other events that can end in injury or death. We are watching this situation as it develops and as always, we'll update as more information becomes available. Please if you see this pass this on to friends or family that might work in obstetrics healthcare or in Labor and Delivery in hospitals. We want don't want another child born hurt because a medical facility is using a faulty product or a doctor or nurse made a mistake. If you feel you may have been affected or had fetal distress during labor and it was not addressed or diagnosed and your child suffered injuries, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll review your case for free.