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Empowering Kids with Cerebral Palsy

Submitted by jrlaw on Nov 30th, 2009

Children who suffer from cerebral palsy will encounter many significant hurdles throughout their lives. Challenges for kids with CP generally involve difficulty performing basic functions such as speaking, moving and eating. This is mainly because of the substantial damage that is often caused to the tendons, nerves, muscles and bones. Kids with cerebral palsy are also more prone to mental retardation. However, all but the most severely affected children have the potential to enjoy a rather satisfying life despite their condition. 

In a warm, caring environment, cerebral palsy typically does not stop a child from performing normal activities. For example, they can still go to school, make new friends and enjoy other activities kids do. They may simply have to take a different approach and need a little help getting things done. Thanks to wheelchairs and modern times that have brought forth advancements in computing and assistive technologies, children with cerebral palsy can now do many of the same things as their unaffected peers. 
Children with CP are just like other kids. They are simply faced with greater obstacles that make it difficult to perform routine functions. These children require understanding and patience as it usually takes more effort for them to speak and move. With options such as physical therapy, special equipment and assistive technology more widely available than ever, they can lead fulfilling lives into their adulthood.
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