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Cerebral Palsy Prevalence Increases

Submitted by jrlaw on Mar 5th, 2008

An average of 3.6 per 1000 8-year old children (or 1 in every 278) is affected by Cerebral Palsy, an increase from previous estimates of 1 in 666.

A study by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Reaching for the Stars; A Foundation of Hope for Children With Cerebral Palsy reported that Cerebral Palsy is more prevalent in children than pediatric cancer, Down syndrome, and hearing and vision loss. Affecting more than 800,000 Americans, Cerebral Palsy is the most common cause of motor disability in childhood.

As noted in the PRWeb Newswire release March 4, medical researchers have not clearly determined the causes of Cerebral Palsy. Two of the top risk factors are premature births and multiple births, which have increased in the United States. That said, it is little surprise that the prevalence of Cerebral Palsy has increased as well.

"This CDC report ... proves what many parents of children with Cerebral Palsy have already believed to be true - more children have Cerebral Palsy than originally thought," said Cynthia Frisina Gray, Co-Founder of Reaching for the Stars.

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