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ALERT: Roman Blind Recall Issued due to Strangulation Risk

Submitted by jrlaw on Dec 17th, 2009

If you are a parent there are so many household dangers to be aware of, especially when you have small children. One such hazard to be conscious of is an all encompassing, voluntary recall of Roman shades and roll-up blinds that has just been issued due to their involvement in several deaths and injuries of children over the past few years. These products carry with them a product liability due to the risk of strangulation because of their easily accessible cords. This is a fairly wide reaching threat as, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission press release, approximately 5 million Roman shades and 3 million roll-up blinds are sold every year.

In the press release it is explained that the loose cord on the back of the Roman shade can be looped over a child’s head or the cord can be wrapped around the child’s neck if the cord is pulled out. With the roll-up shades, the cord that lifts the blind can slide off the end, causing a dangerous loop to hang over the side. This Roman blind recall is the result of five reported deaths and 16 near strangulations since 2001. Good Morning America reports that there are around 50 million sets of blinds affected by this recall. Everyone who has these blinds in their home is urged to either call the Window Covering Safety Council at (800) 506-4636 or contact them online at www.windowcoverings.org to get a free repair kit.
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