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ALERT: More Toxic Toys Found on Store Shelves

Submitted by jrlaw on Dec 22nd, 2009

In a story that is reminiscent of two years ago, just in time for the holidays, there is a new report of toxic toys on the market. MSNBC is reporting that some toys carrying the Barbie and Disney logos have been found to have high levels of lead. The Center for Environmental Health, a consumer advocacy group, ran tests on approximately 250 toys and found that seven of them violated federal standards for lead levels. These findings are extremely concerning as higher concentrations of lead can cause permanent brain damage. 

The implicated toys include a Barbie bike flair accessory kit, a Disney Tinkerbell necklace, a Dora the Explorer tote, two pairs of children’s shoes, a boys’ belt and a children’s poncho. The retailers of the aforementioned products have been instructed to pull the items from shelves right away. The lead toy scare of 2007 prompted Congress to enforce stringent limits on the amount of toxic substances allowed in children’s products.
According to a CBS report, Disney is denying that their toys are in violation of the guidelines, saying that they met the standards when they tested them. Mattel has stated that they licensed a separate company to use the Barbie name on one of the products in question back in 2007 and that it met safety standards at that time; they have also said that they were not aware that the product was still being sold.  
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