child brain injury


Brain damage in newborns and infants can be caused by complications during delivery, medical mistakes or even medical malpractice. One of the largest and most severe problems occurring in brain damaged babies is cerebral palsy. Other common birth injuries include Brachioplexus Palsy, Erbs Palsy and Shoulder Dystocia.

Many birth injuries can be directly attributed to medical mistakes made by doctors or other hospital personnel during the labor, birth, and delivery process. These problems are collectively known as a "birth injury" or "birth trauma" and can range from mild to severe. Severe birth injuries often result in life altering complications with an extremely high emotional and monetary cost.

Severe injuries may be the result of many factors including: use of excessive force during delivery, delay in performing a C-section, inaccurate assessment of the baby's size, negligence in monitoring both the mother and baby in the labor and delivery, among several other possible acts.

Brain damaged babies most often suffer their injury from oxygen deprivation, but brain injury can also occur from too much pressure on the skull in the birth canal, maternal infections, bleeding in the brain, and blood diseases.

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