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Choosing an Obstetrician OB GYN Physician

Choosing an obstetrician (OB) is a serious decision. Unlike other doctors, your obstetrician has a responsibility for not only your health, but also for the health and welfare of the child you're preparing to bring into the world. Consequently, choosing who will handle this responsibility is a decision that requires research, time and patience. So, how do you choose an obstetrician? First, put together a list of possible candidates. Ask trusted family members, friends, and other members of your community what they know about the OBs, hospitals, and medical facilities in your area. Talk to women you know who have recently given birth. Ask them about their first-hand experience with choosing an obstetrician and listen carefully. Your family doctor or internist is also a reliable source of recommendations. Since your doctor is already familiar with your medical needs and personality, he or she can likely recommend an obstetrician for you to consider. Once you've asked around and have a list of obstetricians, how do you choose? Set up a preliminary meeting with each OB. During this meeting:

  • Take careful note of the doctor's demeanor and personality. This is your healthcare partner over the next nine months or more. Are you compatible with this person?
  • Does the OB encourage you to ask questions?
  • Do you feel comfortable talking with this person and asking questions?
  • Are you satisfied with the answers to your questions?
  • Will the OB be there for the delivery, no matter the time of day or week? If not, take the opportunity to meet others in the practice as well.
  • Will the OB be there throughout the entire pregnancy, monitoring you and your child for possible complications?
  • What type of procedures (inducement, C-section, etc) does this obstetrician practice and prefer?
  • How long has the doctor been in practice?
  • How many babies has he or she delivered?
  • Which hospitals is the obstetrician affiliated with?
  • How much time does the obstetrician spend with patients during each visit?
  • What types of tests does the OB rely on during pregnancy?
  • Does the doctor ask patients to write birth plans?
  • Does the obstetrician provide postpartum care and support?

These questions can provide a solid basis for choosing an appropriate doctor for your pregnancy and birth of your child. Additional resources to help you choose an obstetrician:

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