Why You May Need A Lawyer

The reason why you need a lawyer is number one so we can help you find answers. Number two, so we can make the doctor in the hospital accountable. There is no doubt that your child is going to require a lifetime of medical care, nursing care and educational requirements. You are going to need a lot of money to take care of your child. You have your hands full now but as your child grows and matures, gets older and larger, your child is going to need help that you may or may not be able to provide.

One of the ways we help you folks like you is first of all, when we answer your questions, we hire experts. We need experts number one to answer your questions. Number two, we need these types of experts when we file a lawsuit against these irresponsible doctors and nurses. But some of the experts that we hire also we utilize to take care of your child. Those are called life-care planners. These life-care planners are doctors and nurses who come in and do a full assessment of your child. They do a full assessment by literally doing a head-to-toe assessment of your child and taking into account a full inventory of their physical and emotional needs. And, they put together what’s called a life-care plan. And that life-care plan assesses what they will need for their entire life and puts a dollar value on exactly what they will need from all of their educational needs, all of their physical needs, all of their medical needs in an extremely comprehensive report that will ultimately be used by the jury or by insurance folks in evaluating the settlement value of this case.

We?ve set up a lot of trust funds and life-care plans for children with Cerebral Palsy over the course of the last ten to twelve years.

These life-care plans are managed by banks and trust departments of very large financial institutions that are going to provide a healthy income for children with Cerebral Palsy for the rest of their lives.

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