Daycare Abuse: A National Problem

Every day children are abused in national day care centers across this United States and mom-and-pop day care centers in our own backyards.

Unfortunately, you know, times are different today than they were 10, 15, 20 years ago. We've got working moms and dads who have to rely on day care centers today like they never have before. We've got to drop off our, you know, one-month, two-month-old children like we never have before. We have to rely on our day care centers and our teachers and day care providers like we never have. And we expect them to be trained and we expect them to take care of our children like we would take care of our very own children. And it's so unfortunate that children are getting abused each and every day in our day care centers. And it's very difficult because these children can't communicate with us and our day care centers aren't telling us that our kids are getting hurt.

Accidents happen, but when teachers are careless or disregard the health and safety of our children, we have a duty and obligation and responsibility to bring it to the day care center's attention, the media's attention and to make a claim because not only are you protecting your child, but you're protecting the public as well to ensure that this type of stuff never ever happens again.

Mom and dads are working longer hours than ever before. We're dropping off our children almost two weeks or three weeks after they're born. We have to be able to rely on day care workers to provide the best care they can and to look after our children with diligence and care and love and compassion. When there's a problem, we expect them to let us know and they don't, and the problem is our children can't talk to us either.

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