Personal injury lawyer Jeff Rasansky success has made him a fixture in the media. Articles on his large case wins and settlements have appeared in news broadcasts, newspapers and magazines throughout the country. Jeff Rasansky has also been named one of the best lawyers in Texas, and one of Dallas' best lawyers. Below are links to recent media coverage:

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 Thumbtack Discipline in Daycare
   -Geraldo Rivera at Large, Fox News

Daycare Abuse with ThumbTacks | CBS11

Daycare Abuse with ThumbTacks | CW33

Daycare Abuse with ThumbTacks | NBC5

DayCare Abuse | CBS

DayCare Abuse | CW

DayCare Abuse | FOX

DayCare Abuse | CBS

Ambien | NBC

Fen-Phen | CBS

Fen-Pen | KLTV

Criminal Lawsuit | NBC

Criminal Lawsuit | FOX

Staph Infection in Spa | NBC 5

Mother Dies After Giving Birth | Univision 23 (Espanol)

Mother Dies After Giving Birth | Univision 23 (Espanol)

Daycare Abuse with ThumbTacks | CBS11

Daycare Abuse with ThumbTacks | NBC5

Daycare Abuse with ThumbTacks | Fox4

Daycare Abuse with ThumbTacks | News8

Semi Truck Accident | NBC5i

18 Wheeler Accident | NBC

Truck Wreck | CBS

Nursing Home Abuse | CBS

Nursing Home Neglect | WB

Sexual Misconduct | FOX

Wrongful Death | CBS

Police Assault

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Bankruptcy Law And Filing Procedures

Bankruptcy Law And Types Of Bankruptcy

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Criminal Law And Procedures

Criminal Law Attorney

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Family Law Alimony And Property Division Attorney

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Family Law Child Custody And Child Support Attorney

Family Law Divorce Attorney

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Personal Injury Law Attorney

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Personal Injury Lawyer / Auto Accident

Personal Injury Lawyer / Filing a Lawsuit

Personal Injury Lawyer / Medical Malpractice

Personal Injury Lawyer / Slip and Fall

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1 800 Attorney

Nursing Home Abuse

Injury Lawyer

Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer

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